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What is Mortgage Forbearance?

In 2020, many are facing financial hardship.  Due to this, mortgage forbearance is a term that seems to be getting thrown around a lot. But what is it and who is it for? Mortgage forbearance in its simplest explanation is a temporary reduction or pause on monthly mortgage loan payments. Traditionally, mortgage forbearance has been […]

Mortgage vs Rent: Buying is Better

Seeing those big price tags on homes can be daunting when deciding whether mortgage vs rent is right for you. When you consider the long term impact on your wallet, the answer is clear. Buying a home is a better investment than renting. Mortgage vs Rent  The best way to evaluate whether you take on […]

Want to Buy a Home? Get a Pre-Qualified

Many people are excited by historically low mortgage rates and are in the market to buy a home. In fact, last month existing home sales increased by 24.7%. There is no doubt that people are trying to strike while the iron is hot. However, not everyone is doing their due diligence before trying to buy […]

2020’s Home Inventory is Increasing

The real estate market has been heating up. There are plenty of people looking to buy homes. Some people are looking for a new home to make life more bearable during the pandemic. They are looking for houses with bigger backyards or rooms that they can turn into a home office. Some people are trying […]